The Smash UK FaceBook Group is the go-to page for constant news and information about the Smash UK Community. With 5000+ members, there are many members available to help find the information you need.


Are you a Discord user? Some members of the community have already set up a Smash UK & Ireland Discord Server! With a number of social and matchmaking channels, both text and voice-based, the channel is a popular hub for members to frequent.

The Smash UK Group Map

Having trouble finding a scene? Well fear not, members of the community have diligently put together this map listing Smash scenes on a local as well as regional level. Can't find your local still? Well maybe it's not be added on yet. Or maybe it's waiting for someone to create it?

SSB World

The latest website compiling player information worldwide. Claim your name and keep track of a number of videos detailing your Smash 4 career. Not only that, but you can search by matchup, and research any of those tricky characters plaguing your performance.

Definitely a website to take note of.

Kurogane Hammer

Kurogane Hammer is the ultimate repository of character data. Ever wondered why certain characters feel that much faster than your own? Then this is the place to do your research!

Anther's Ladder

A popular online website that focuses on matching players with others all around the world to play Smash. Useful for those who can't make it to their local tournaments and/or are in need of some more human practice.


Smashboards was once the definitive place to get all Smash-related info but recently has gained competition thanks to the rise of newer, specialist sites. Despite that, Smashboards still has a huge player base, with a plethora of guides and discussion threads ranging from metagame improvement to casual topics.