What is this website for?

The primary goal of this website is to provide concise, relevant information to Smash 4 players interested in the UK scene. We're researched all the key details players look for in a website and are working to bring all of those details here.


I think {insert idea here} would be great. Do you think you could add it?

I try to implement any feature I deem useful for the website. I'll do my best to add them all unless it's completely outside my expertise.

There's a PR / event missing from the website! Can you fix it?

Thanks for noticing! If you send the info my way, I'll do my best to update the website as soon as possible. Best place to message me is on Twitter: @Sirius_DX17

I like this but I'm not really interested in the Smash 4 scene. Are their plans on expanding it to accommodate other games?

Honestly, no; I did this on a whim because I could. Smash 4 is the game I'm passionate about so making something for it was easy. I'd have to have rather generous incentives to expand on the current core audience.